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Nail Polish Must-Haves This Summer 

Aloha ladies!  

What do Forever 21, Claire’s, and TJ Maxx all have in common? The nail polish trends you’ll be rockin’ this summer! Last Thursday, I gave you #Summer17 Essentials. So here’s Part 2Nail Polish Must-Haves This Summer: 

#5 Glow in the Dark 

It’s every Nail Addicts’ dream for her nails to glow in the dark! Now, we have the chance! White is $3.90 at Forever 21

#4 Mood 

Now the trick is with Mood nail polish ladies is that unfortunately, it doesn’t change colors as your mood changes. It only changes colors as your body temperature changes. But after your mani dries, briefly rinse your nails with water, and watch the magic happen! Originally $5.50, I scored it for just $3 during Claire’s Memorial Day Weekend Sale

#3 Neon 

I love neon colors! Everyone will be looking at your nails! This is Claire’s Blue neon polish. Retail price $5.99. But I also bought this from Claire’s Memorial Day Weekend Sale, and it was $2

#2 Gel 

Think you can escape Gel polish this season? Well think again! For $3.90, Forever 21’s Stone Blue polish from their Gel Effect Collection can be your’s! 

#1 Nude 

You know I had to Save The Best For Last *Vanessa Williams voice*! Nude nail polish has evolved, and now, there’s a shade for everybody! Butter London’s High Tea is available at TJ Maxx for only $4.99. Compared price $8. Steal of a Deal


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